"Purple Turtles" by Kayleigh and Kevin Mooney
"Purple Turtles" by Kayleigh and Kevin Mooney

"Purple Turtles" by Kayleigh and Kevin Mooney

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“Purple Turtles” In this children’s story, a sea turtle suffers assault, turning her brown shell purple – the only purple turtle in the sea. Though scared and ashamed, with courage, she returns to the beach of her birth to a complete surprise…and finds the secret to her beauty in her purple shell and in the courage to use her voice.

The back story for this children’s book relates to a dynamic, amazing young woman, Kayleigh Mooney, who was living an incredible and empowered life. Then, at 14, she survived a brutal assault. With the strength of 1,000 women she reported immediately, prosecuted, put a perpetrator in jail and became a legend - using her recovery to make her more beautiful.

Fully empowered and continuing to live an amazing, happy, dynamic life, at 15, in a shocking and unrelated event, she was tragically struck by a car while innocently trying to cross a street, her life transitioning from her physical to her spiritual life in her father’s arms, listening to the comfort of his loving voice as she took her last breath.

Proceeds from the sale of this book support Sea Turtle conservation and Kayleigh’s mission to empower other girls to use their voices (through Kayleigh’s Voice, an Ohio Non Profit Corporation [#4377061]). Please view Kayleigh’s Facebook page, “Purple Turtles – Kayleigh’s Voice” to learn more about this extraordinary, amazing girl and her lifelong love of sea turtles, and the vital importance of Kayleigh’s mission. Special thanks to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island for naming a saved Kemps Ridley after her, “Kayleigh Kakes”). She teaches us – with one voice, we can change the world.

 (Kayleigh and her Father also wrote a children’s book when she was 5; the proceeds of which also go towards Kayleigh’s mission) Clemy's Pancake House (Amazon)

Purple Turtles - Kayleigh's Voice Facebook

Kevin Mooney clemys@sbcglobal.net

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